Rückblick: Konzert am Samstag, 20. Mai 2023

Teethgrinder | auszaat | Athiria

30 Jahre Zuckerfabrik

Teethgrinder (NL)
Influenced by a broad variety of extreme music genres, they mix the fury of Grindcore with Black & Death metal in a crusty fashion, while making sure touches of Hardcore, Post-metal and even some Drone and Stoner shine through. 

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Fotos: Michael Mistelbacher

Athiria (AT)

They are back! After 4 years of hiatus they return to bring blast beats and female guttural vocals to the live audience!

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auszaat (AT)
Describing themselves as “Blackened Whatever” they mix Black Metal elements with Sludge, Hardcore, Doom and Post-Metal to create a dark and sinister atmosphere, haunting its listeners and keeping them hostage in a menacing wall of sound.

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